About the Tracking API

Tracking creates the ability to provide a delightfully personalized giving experience to consumers. Each Tracking instance informs how the consumer interacts with the giving experience and what it looks like. This is based on a combination of store settings and consumer preferences.

This API features methods to create new tracking instances, assign a customer to a tracking instance, and associate a cause to that customer.

Create a New Tracking InstanceCreates a new tracking instance to inform the unique giving experience for your store and customer.
Set User On Tracking Post CreationAssigns the customer to the specific tracking instance.
Associates a Cause (Portfolio or EIN) to an Existing Tracking Instance.Sets the last supported cause as the default cause for a given customer, if they have selected a favorite cause and the store has their store settings as "Let Customers Choose".
Retrieve the Cause Associated with a Specific Tracking Instance.Provides the specific cause associated with a given customer.